Bianca Bonnie Drops “The 9th Year”

Bianca Bonnie, previously known as Young B, drops her rightfully titled album The 9th Year. It has been about nine years since we heard any music from the young star. We seen her on Love and Hip-Hop New York but she didn’t show much love and there wasn’t too much hip-hop involved either. However, today she released her full length project and it is loaded with catchy flows, laced with some R&B and of course a huge dose of that Harlem hip-hop flavor. It is truly a solid body of work and we get a full understanding of Bianca Bonnie’s evolution – please believe she’s here to play no games but indeed to demolish the competition. 

Bonnie raps “The 9th Year:”

Haters I love em, I wave then blowing em kisses 

They not really f***in with me no / All that fly s*** I done did it 

Flexing on em, stuntin’ , steady ballin’ 

Ima kill this s*** until I die 

They better catch up not playing I’m saying bout time that I’m done with em 

Check out one of her singles off the album below and purchase the full album by clicking this link – .