Pittsburghs’ Own Latia and Heemi Team Up for “Right Now”

Pittsburgh, home of Hardo, Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, has more to offer than just those three phenomenal artist alone. Latia and Heemi have been shaking up the city for quite some time now and they recently collaborated on a dope record entitled “Right Now” produced by the infamous Stevie B. Latia has that soulful voice paired with her beauty, swagger and incessant grind. Heemi brings the streets with some R&B undertones and undeniable lyricism.

Latia sings:

Cuz when I see you, you make me confused, make me want to change my ways

Can we find a place, we can run away 

To get away from all these changing faces

Heemi raps:

Don’t say you gotta man cuz I don’t need to know 

Look I’m just worried about us and where we can go

Let’s get away don’t pack nothing, you won’t need them clothes

Oh and your friends bring em with you boo cause’ these my bros

This record is destined to be every couples anthem! Check out their latest visual to “Right Now” below.