J.I The Prince of NY and Lil Key Team Up for “It Is What It Is”

Stars of Jermaine Dupri’s show The Rap Game, J.I The Prince of NY and Lil Key team up for their fire new single “It Is What It Is.” In a generation where we can go the entire song barely understanding the artist, it is amazing to witness such lyricism from two teenagers. J.I, age 15 and Lil Key , age 16, combine for this New York meets Baltimore track that is loaded with storytelling, witty and concise lyrics. The delivery, energy and passion in this track is unbelievable! 

J.I The Prince of NY raps:

Kill the game that’s what I’m finna do

Straight fire when I’m in the booth

I rep for my neighborhood cuz my people stuck with me like gorilla glue

Lil Key raps:

Anyone can get it man I swear I don’t discriminate

Disobey the code and get labeled as a renegade  

Bmore to BK we gone have it our way

Excited to see what they’ll do next! Check out their latest single below!