Young M.A: Noisey Raps

“…We don’t want to be in the streets, nobody wants to be in the streets, nobody wants to be suffering, nobody wants to go to jail, and nine times out of ten you ask any n**** he gone tell you ‘Yo I don’t want to do this s***’…

Brooklyn’s back! Young M.A is undoubtedly the hottest new, independent artist in New York, to some it may appear that she came out of no where but if you’ve been following the young star you know she’s been at this for the past three to four years. The success of her single “Ooouuu” has catapulted her to heights we couldn’t have foreshadowed. Young M.A stops by Noisey, to tell the world a little bit about her music, her journey and what Red Lyfe really means. 

Labels have been trying to get to Young M.A but she hasn’t signed.

Young M.A states, “We tryna’ build our own label. I don’t want people to feel like they can control my craft and what I can do.” She’s been this successful on her own, so it’s no surprise that she wants to build her own empire!

Check out the Noisey Raps interview below!

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