Pardison Fontaine Drops “In the Field”

Newburgh, New York’s own Pardison Fontaine a.k.a ‘Section 8 Sex Symbol’ drops a new single entitled “In the Field,” kicking off the New Year in a big way. It’s no secret that NY breeds some of the most legendary MC’s to ever touch a mic and Fontaine follows closely in those hard-core, from the gutter, authentic footsteps. “In the Field” is an open read of Fontaine’s current and previous struggles but also reveals his unquenchable thirst to make it no matter what, a must listen! 

Pardison Fountaine raps:  

The cops still wildin’ / my stock still rising 

These n****s still frontin / and the b*****s still lying  

They know that I’m the one / I’m a motha f****in problem and the only thing I’m scared of is a mothaf***in siren 

Check out Pardison Fountaine’s “In the Field” below. 

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