Ms. Hustle Freestyles on Shade 45 w/ DJ Kay Slay

Harlem rapper Ms. Hustle stops by Shade 45 with DJ Kay Slay and spits a fire freestyle! Her ferocity – indisputable – and her punchlines were mind-blowing. It’s rare in the modern generation of hip-hop to see an MC with such a scorching desire to give the world real bars again. Hustle’s delivery, appeal and irrefutable talent will inevitably catapult her to new heights. We look forward to hearing what the young star will do in 2017!

 Ms. Hustle raps:

Stay with a Tommy tryna take Pam’s spot / Claiming that you season I’m cooking you really bland ma / No relation to Will Smith I keep my Hancock


I was dead broke yaw b*****s was buying Loui bags/ 2 G’s on your head and I ain’t talking the Gucci hat ย / Rather they was ‘Ready of Not’ where the Fugees at 

Check out Ms.Hustle’s freestyle below! ย 

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