Master P Sits Down with Hot 97’s Nessa and Discusses Turning Down Jimmy Lovine + Brings Paloma Ford & Marqus Clae

To truly become a G.O.A.T in the music industry you have to learn and study those industry moguls. Master P sits down with Hot 97’s Nessa and gives us nothing but real, honest and invaluable knowledge.


P has been in the game a long time and one thing you cannot buy is years of experience. He discusses turning down a million dollar deal from Jimmy Lovine with only $500.00 in his pocket – know yourself, know your worth – and  managing his new artists Paloma Ford and Marqus Clae. Furthermore, the industry legend discusses his hustle from selling CD’s out of his car, to growing his brand, building a team, his movie that’s coming out soon and having a relentless grind. This is a must see interview for those in the music industry or those aspiring to be music industry icons!

Check out Master P’s interview with Hot 97’s own Nessa below.