Artist Managers: What is their Role and Do You Need One?

Managers are a big topic of discussion in the music business; often artists wonder do they need a manager and if so how soon should they get one. The first step in needing a manager is having something to actually manage! If you are a new artists taking free shows a couple times a month with a couple hundred streams on Soundcloud – you may not be at the point where you have anything to manage. Your career is still in its’ early stages of development and you should grind it out so you can be sought out by a great manager. However, once your numbers begin to rise, you start making some type of profit from your music, you’ve got out and networked and truly believe that this is your innate calling then go on the hunt for a manager. Managers invest time and eventually money into your development and success, don’t waste their efforts or yours!

In the words of an infamous A&R by the name of Lenny Santiago, “People have to either want to be you or believe you.”
Before you even think of getting a manager ask yourself, do people want to be you or believe you; if you don’t have either one of those qualities or both go back to the drawing board! Above is a brief video from Paradym Music Group on what music managers do and why you need one! Check it out!

Here are a few reasons why having a music artist manager is important and explains some of what a manager does:

1. Gives Guidance from a different perspective
2. Reach Out and Establish Relationships
3. Organization and Business Minded Experience
4. Will Create a Business out of You and Your Brand.