Latia Releases Three Brand New Singles ‘Mango’ ‘Third Party’ & ‘ISINAD’

Pittsburgh native singer-songwriter, model and actress Latia releases three brand new Stevie B produced singles – “Mango,” “Third Party” and “ISINAD.” This 3Pack ,as she calls it, represents her incontestable versatility, witty lyricism, crazy ability to ride a beat and trophy-worthy production. Latia represents a new wave of auditory flavor, a new method of cranking out sounds, a new interpretation of this therapeutic entity we call music. Check out her latest single below!


Latia raps “Mango:” 

B**** I’m a stunna see my whip

I am perfection like practice  

All on your top like a mattress  

Oh he wanna shoot his shot now  / tell him n**** no no lay up 

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