20 Ikonic Songs You Need to Hear to Feed Your Creative Soul

Below we have put together a list of 20 songs you need to hear to fuel your creative soul. They are not in order by favorites but just a list of completely Ikonic records from some amazing artists, check it out below!

  1.  Sevdaliza (singer, songwriter and producer) – “Human,” a captivating, alluring and haunting single that challenges the music process, how we articulate sounds and the importance of timeless visuals.
  2. Rag’n’Bone Man (singer-songwriter and guitarist) – “Human” has a haunting but therapeutic sound that listens like an open wound. Passion oozes from this record, a beautiful story of humanness and responsibility.
  3. Jay-Z (rapper, songwriter and mogul) – “Story of O.J” is a politically motivated commentary in a hip-hop fashion. The visual imitates blackface characters and other dated Warner Bros and Disney cartoons. 
  4.  Jessie Reyez (singer-songwriter) – “Gatekeeper” is an ageless controversial record that addresses the oppression of women in the music industry that succumb themselves to sexual favors to get ahead in the entertainment business and the gatekeepers they submit to.  
  5. Demi Lovato (singer-songwriter) – “Sorry Not Sorry” listens like a closed wound from a vindicated woman with her punchy deliberate lyricism and assertive delivery, a soon-to-be anthem for strong men and women alike.
  6. Mahalia (singer-songwriter, instrumentalist) – “Sober,” tells a narrative of love, separation and intoxication on top of head-bobbing production with a fusion of intoxicating melodies , a must listen!
  7. Mayo Lazaro (singer-songwriter) – “Nothing,” an 80’s urban pop infused track, this record definitely takes you back in time around the era of Madonna and Taylor Dayne.
  8. Georgie Keller (singer-songwriter) – “Vibe,” an eclectic fusion of head-bobbing pop, hip-hop and country vibes; his adept method of attacking this thing we call music leads to records this indelible, a must listen.
  9. Gregory Lamont (singer-songwriter and rapper) – “Dreams” blesses us with another timeless, euphoric Ashilee Ashilee produced track. The young star infuses his unique vocals with his matchless rapping capabilities for this reflective new single.
  10. Latia (singer-songwriter, model and dancer) – “Mango,” represents a new wave of auditory flavor, a new method of cranking out sounds, a new interpretation of this therapeutic entity we call music.
  11. Kell$ (rapper, engineer and songwriter) – “Quiet Storm Freestyle / Prodigy Tribute” it appears bars are back this season and the young NC rapper is feeding you with all the hip-hop substance you could need.
  12. Arlissa (singer-songwriter and instrumentalist) – “Getting Older,” the young crooner has a remarkable way of telling a story through her lyricism, unique range, texture of her voice and the pulse that pumps steadily through her delivery.
  13. Trinidad Cardona (singer-songwriter and rapper) – “Jennifer,” represents a timeless story of love and yearning for someone in the most altruistic way with self-reflective lyricism to illustrate his point.
  14. Natalie Orfilia (singer-songwriter) – “Crown” tells a narrative of tenacity as she pilots through adversity and realizations of her own royal existence over piano-driven production.
  15. Caleb Minter (singer-songwriter) – “Blue Skies” something about his sensual and colorful interactive display featuring the super talented dancer, Khadijah, keeps your eyes glued to the screen, a record of love and infatuation.
  16. Mick Jenkins feat. BADBADNOTGOOD (singer-songwriter) – “Drowning,” a haunting record with the parallelism of slavery, injustice, oppression and stimulating imagery making this one of his most controversially necessary records.
  17. Angelina Sherie (singer-songwriter and violinist) – “Glimpse” aggregates journey with instruments and narrative with harmonies, a must listen.
  18. Janine (singer-songwriter) – “Unstable” a record of reflection over a rocky relationship. Janine has one of those rare, captivating and intoxicating voices marrying her steamy tone with this tracks deliberate lyrics – Ikonic!
  19. Jorja Smith (singer-songwriter) – “Teenage Fantasy,” Smith wrote this song when she was 16 and at age 20 the feelings still remain true to that moment in time when love buds with the subliminal message of enjoying your youth to the fullest, make mistakes, living and letting go!
  20. Elijah Blake (singer-songwriter, creative) – “Hanging Tree” releases the riveting visual to his single “Hanging Tree” off Harry Belafonte’s Sankofa EP 17 project, this type of music feeds, nourishes and awakens the soul.