Gregory Lamont feat. Freshh Gee – “Walk Over You” (Prod. Ashilee Ashilee)

Atlanta’s own Gregory Lamont releases a brand new Nancy Sinatra reminiscent Ashilee Ashilee produced single featuring Freshh Gee entitled “Walk Over You.” Talent bleeds from Lamont’s soul, unparalleled lyricism oozes from his lips and song creation is tightly fused into his innate being. Everyone cannot call themselves an artist but it’s obvious the young star has a phenomenal team and a passion for this crazy entity we call music. “Walk Over You” listens with old familiarity, a modern hip-hop, soul tone and some complimentary vocals from Ashilee Ashilee herself over tantalizing production. We are waiting patiently for his highly anticipated debut project but in the meantime check out his latest single below. 

Gregory Lamont raps:

Arguing with my side tryna maintain my main life

You’d a done the same if you’d a knew what that chick brain like

Baby mama tripping drink on liquor til’ I can’t think right 



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