Producers vs. Beatmakers

There are colossal differences between a music producer and a beatmaker; it is paramount that artists, songwriters, singers or music creatives alike understand these very distinct contrasts. Beat-makers are simply that – beatmakers – they make the beat. However, a producer ,on the other hand, makes the beat but they also cultivate, nurture and construct the sound of the record. A producer is most sought after for exactly how phenomenal their ear is, how they can hear when a sound is missing; how they hear melodies and their connections to people who could enhance the sound of your record like a dope vocalist or an instrumentalist amid other strengths.

Please, please, please stop using the term producer so loosely. Producers are an integral and priceless component of the music production process, use them wisely! Check out a few videos below to help you better understand the differences between producers and “beatmakers.”

Furthermore, below I’ve listed some producers we know and love and some you may not, feel free to check out their music or contact them to purchase their services. (Some of the producers on this list are legendary and probably not easily reached but as for those who are rising legends feel free to reach out, it’s 2017 shoot your shot!)

  1. Ashilee (Ashilee) Roberts (producer, instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, engineer, film score composer, studio owner and all around creative, Atlanta based.)
  2. Mook Beatz (producer and creative)
  3. Scott Storch (producer, pianist, music veteran and creative)
  4. Logic (rapper, songwriter and producer)
  5. Dr. Dre (producer, rapper and creative)
  6. 30Roc (producer)
  7. Rick Rubin (producer and former co-president of Columbia Records)
  8. George Martin ( English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer, and musician) 
  9. Backpack (producer, engineer, songwriter and label owner)
  10. Skrapp (producer, artist, singer-songwriter)
  11. Jerry “Wonda” ( musical composer and record producer)
  12. Mike Will Made It ( record producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter)