How Can an Independent Artist License Their Music for TV or Film?

Wouldn’t you love to hear your music, mixing or production on the big screen?!

If your an artist, producer, songwriter or engineer you must know that music doesn’t only get played on SoundCloud and iTunes but in Films and TV as well. Breaking into the music industry is one goal but infiltrating the film industry is another monster in itself. Music licensing is defined as the licensed use of copyrighted music; to get your music on TV it must be licensed and submitted to a publishing company, music supervisor etc. 

Of course your wondering who are those people and how do I get to know them. Truth is, you won’t know them at first. There are sites like GreenLights and BroadJam that will submit your music to these big companies for you, that’s an impersonal route but you have to start somewhere. The best route of course is networking and personally plugging yourself in to these invaluable gatekeepers. There are myriad ways to make a living in the music business, educate yourself, open your horizons and the sky is the limit. Check out some helpful videos below on music licensing!