JamieBoy – SZA “The Weekend ‘New Man’ (Cover)”

JamieBoy covers and puts his own lyrical spin on SZA’s ever so popular hit single “The Weekend.” Everyone loves a soulful crooner that oozes with passion in every run and every note. JamieBoy gifts us with his rendition of “The Weekend” with some cocky narration and a velvety tone. The young star tells the male side of SZA’s ‘weekend boo’ anthem. We look forward to hearing more from him in the near future, but in the meantime check out his SZA cover below! 

JamieBoy sings:

Girl you need a real man, hanging out the back all over your lap

Like is you out with him I don’t wanna know that

Yeah I don’t care long as you here by 10:30, no later than, so I can tell your man what you wannnnttt


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