Ikonic Favorites From Daniel Caesar’s ‘Freudian’ Album

Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar releases his highly anticipated album Freudian. This project represents what it means to produce a solid body of work in the modern day era of music. Caesar gives us complimentary features, texture and multiple genre infusions in his latest project. We have some ikonic favorites that we absolutely love; check them out below and purchase his full album by clicking this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/freudian/id1265893523 .

1. “Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)” listens like a reminiscent and modern version of Queen’s “Rhapsody opening with flawless vocals, some underground crooning from Caesar himself and concludes with some funky lyrical and melodic visions.


2. “Take Me Away” oozes with passion, some raunchy undertones and a favorable feature from Syd partnered with crazy climaxing production; a must listen!


3. “Best Part” takes your to a place of undeniable love featuring rising favorite H.E.R, a truly stirring performance from both vocalists.


4. “Blessed” listens with nostalgic gospel execution, the topic of love, infatuation and a worshiping like admiration of a woman he understands but at the same time embodying an infectious mysterious nature about her. 


5. “Freudian” bleeds like an open wound, Caesar gifts us with honesty and transparency that most present-day artists try to mask; a beautiful tale of appreciation, intensity and stirring instrumentals; a must listen.


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