Sky Renee – “In My Life”

Los Angeles native singer-songwriter and recent USC graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Disease prevention Sky Renee releases this timeless, groovy and lyrically phenomenal new single “In My Life.” This heartfelt tale of truths, new beginnings, realization and foreign views of perception of the human condition holds no time era but represents simply good music. 

Renee states, “It can be easy to get caught in an echo chamber of similar thoughts, this song for me describes my own search and exploration into other peoplesperspectives, in order to better understand who we are as people and to embrace the human condition. I hope it can ignite my listeners to empathize with one another and spread positivity and healing.โ€

Renee not only has a stunning voice but a selfless purpose as well. She travels the world embarking on missions to restore the health of impoverished nations. We hope you enjoy her latest single; it’s a catchy and thoughtful track that’s bound to get stuck in your head. Check it out below!ย 

Sky Renee sings:

I wish that you could tell me what to do

Don’t like to plan ahead  

Show me another point of view the kind I haven’t already read  

Is this something different?