Leikeli47 – “Who’s That”

New York, the birthplace of hip-hop and the city that breeds some of music’s most legendary musicians does it again with rapper-singer-songwriter Leikeli47. We’ve featured 47’s “O.M.C” and “2nd Fiddle” now she’s back again with another hit, this time in full singer-mode. More importantly, rather 47 sings or raps her lyrical substance remains the same. “Who’s That” recites a haughty narrative; 47 reveals her confidence in this track. She’s done-up, considerate, alluring and self-made so of course she needs a partner that compliments her savvy.  This dope drowsy, r&b, pop infused jam will be stuck in your head and placed on repeat; check it out below!

Her EP Wash & Set is on the way!

Leikeli47 sings:

Don’t take my kindness for weakness
‘Cause I’m not that b**** you wanna f*** with
I treat you like a king if you can be faithful
But all that bulls***, you get cut at the door