Leikeli47 Releases Her Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Wash & Set’

The New York creative, Leikeli47, finally gifts us this creative, idiosyncratic and timeless approach to the entity we call music with her latest album entitled Wash & Set . You can’t box 47 because she doesn’t fit in one. Innovation stands at the front-line of 47’s sound. Wash & Set auscultates like a brew of hip-hop, UK vibes, soul, pop, alternative and witty-lyricism over head-bobbing, fitting production. A soul this unique is one to be revered. Don’t miss out on rising music ikons by allowing good music to fall on deaf ears, check out Wash & Set below!

Leikeli47 states: “If I had to compare [my style] to anything, I would go to food and go with Gumbo,” she told us. “Gumbo because it has a bunch of things in there. That’s how I would like to describe my music. Little splash of soul, little splash of pop, sill splash of hip-hop; it’s everything in one and I credit that to my upbringing just listening to all kinds of music.”

Album link: http://smarturl.it/WashSet

Check out some of the album visuals below!