Eric Bellinger – “Frequency” feat. Blaq Tuxedo

L.A native singer-songwriter and producer Eric Bellinger teams up with another fellow Californian artist Blaq Tuxedo for this velvety smooth and sensual track entitled “Frequency.” Bellinger .one of the most adept vocalist and song-constructionist of our generation, definitely hasn’t garnered enough much deserved recognition but with the release of each song you can’t help but acknowledge the talent. “Frequency” includes potent melodies, unblemished vocals, soul and a harmonious feature from Tuxedo; check it out below!

Eric Bellinger sings:
Peep my vibrations
Come with me to the crib what we in hibernation  
I be on some s*** they just don’t be on
They don’t know about real life conversations  

Blaq Tuxedo sings:
Hold up, you ain’t never gotta question  
Roll up, I the one got you all gassed up
Right here with you is enough, I just want you alone


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