Maggie Szabo – “Don’t Give Up”

Canadian native and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Maggie Szabo debuts the first single off her upcoming EP Worthy, entitled “Don’t Give Up.” Szabo uses her voice and influence through music to empower and bring awareness to social matters. “Don’t Give Up” tells a fervent lyrical and visual account of a transgender high-school student attending prom. The LGBTQ community needs intrepid artists like Szabo to spread encouraging and supportive messages through such an impactful mass-medium. Szabo has found success with over 14 + million Youtube views and has been featured on high profile media outlets includingBillboard, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post and Yahoo Music! among others. Check out her latest ground-breaking visual below!



Szabo’s ultimate messages to fight for social justice and equality, “people are people, love is love. Society needs to stand up” professes Szabo. “I can’t stand by and watch millions of transgender youth live in fear for their safety, outcast from their homes and marginalized by society simply because they are struggling to understand their gender identity. I want to stand with them.”




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