10 Ikonic Female Rappers You Need to Know!!

Female MC’s are bulldozing the game right now offering more than just beauty alone but bars as well – a double dose of talent! Below I’ve included a list, in no particular order, of simply extraordinary and unprecedented modern day female artists. A collection of women that are here to feed that sprouting desire we have for indisputale lyricism partnered with a ravenous hunger to make a statement. Check out my Ikonic List below!

1. Mani Marino – Baltimore, MD native artist, songwriter and engineer. She’s not only physically stunning but musically stunning as well!


2.  3DNatee – New Orleans rapper, songwriter and video-director, if your in love with real hip-hop, real bars and real narrative your bound to marry this young lady!


3.  Tokyo Jetz – Putting on for the deep south; She’s a Florida native rapper with wit, sex appeal and an intoxicating, stand-out accent we all love!


4. Rapsody – North Carolina native and legendary MC – hip-hop’s root areembedded in this young Queen, she has quite the story to tell and has collaborated with some of Hip-Hop’s greats amid being signed to Jay Z’s prominent Roc Nation label!


5. Lady Leshurr – A UK native trailblazing MC; this young star combines wisdom with crazy, crazy punchlines.


6. Nya Lee – Give me sex appeal but don’t forget the actual bars and you’ve got Nya Lee in a nutshell; very Lil Kim, Foxy Brown inspired with a modern and unique swagger plus a riveting story to tell of struggles, empowerment and the obvious rise to collecting that bag!


7. Leikeli47 – NY native and one of the music industries favorite new voices with her masked appearance, runway like flows and obvious likability.


8. Princess Nokia – Another NY native that gifts us culture, bold lyricism and beauty rolled into one.


9. Maliibu Miitch – One more time for NYC, Bronx native firecracker; she’s give you alluring rhymes with a personality way larger than her petite stature!


10. Lizzo – Minneapolis native risk-taker and ground-breaker; she combines quality with profound story telling and obvious allure!