Tami LaTrell: What is Songtrust? + Publishing vs. Distribution


Multi-platinum Grammy nominated songwriter, music industry enthusiast, YouTube vlogger and regional online editor, Tami LaTrell gifts us another helpful video this time on the topics of Songtrust, Publishing and Distribution. If you are a songwriter, producer, artist, engineer etc. you need to watch this video!

Latrell and Jason Cerf drop some music industry gems. The music business, one of the most lucrative and influential conglomerates there is, functions just like any other multi-million dollar corporation with arms that extend into publishing, legalities, distribution, marketing etc. that makes it operate successfully. If you continue to learn from Tami Latrell you will understand all industry facets. Check out her latest video below!


In episode 1 of this 4 part series of The Writers Block, I talk with Jason Cerf who explains what Songtrust is all about and how they can help you collect your royalties! We discuss: -What is Songtrust and what are they offering? -How your songwriter ownership works. -The difference between collecting royalties, publishing and distributing music. -We also briefly discuss Sound Exchange.

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