Stunna2Fly x Jimmy Wopo – “Bout Bread” (Prod. Stevie B)

Pittsburgh native hip-hop heavy hitters Stunna2Fly and Jimmy Wopo team up for this spurring Stevie B produced anthem “Bout Bread.” Money unites and money divides but there’s no need to be at odds with these two if cash isn’t involved. Each MC recites a loaded head-bobbing verse with that ever-so popular trap cadence. If you like a little thug with your motivation Stunna and Wopo have you covered. Check out their latest collaboration below.


Ikonic lyrics:  

Pull up and I’m shooting at these n****s like I’m Kyrie

Try me / chop beside me it stand like 5 feet, Chinese

Way this s*** be kicking like its Trap-a-nese



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