Kiana Lede – “One of Them Days”

Republic Records own Kiana Lede releases this velvety smooth new track “One of Them Days.” Lede , noted for her flawless covers, also has an apparent knack for composing original music. The young Queen creates immortal tracks full of colorful and contemplative lyricism. “One of Them Days” tells a penned account of emotional withdraw, taking a day to gather oneself after a tumultuous time and confirming with the one you love that tomorrow normalcy will return. Thank God real singers are making a come back; check out Lede’s latest single below.

Kiana Lede sings:

…And if I need some time for peace of mind , its okay
All that I ask is… today let me sit in my sorrow
Promise I’ll be better tomorrow
The one that you love hasn’t changed / it’s just one of them days



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