Ikonic Visual: Satellite Citi – “Undead”

Los Angeles based alternative rock band Satellite Citi releases their stirring and controversial new Powell Robinson and Patrick Young directed visual to their single “Undead” off their upcoming debut EP, Negative Space set to release January 2018. Anna Gevorkian (vocals/drums) and Shaunt Sulahian (guitars/backing vocals) are successful in pushing forth elements of multiple genres to create a truly unique and dynamic realm of sound. “Undead” reveals an emotive written account about a young LGBTQ teen struggling after being kicked out of their home and constantly harassed by their peers.

Music with intent lasts forever.

The “Undead” video takes the viewer through a playful but deliberate physical transformation to ones true self amid battling daily obstacles from the ignorant and bashful. This track combines boisterous production with head-bobbing, body jolting melodies and suspenseful lyricism; check it out below.



Gevorkian reveals, “the underlying theme in our music would be overcoming negative energy, hence the EP title, Negative Space. We want our music to encourage people to stand up when they’ve fallen”. Despite Negative Space being a raw, rock and roll EP filled with relentless energy and growling guitars, it thematically features sensitive and introspective subject matters.