Cimo Frankel – “Never Give Up”

Seasoned singer-songwriter and producer Cimo Frankel debuts his new pop single “Never Give Up” oozing with zeal and soul juxtaposed with conspicuous production and well-groomed lyricism. Indelible melodies, flawless tone, fitting structure and vocal control are the key ingredients to a classic tune. Frankel, no newcomer to music industry success, having amassed over 6 million plays on Youtube and nearly 20 million on Spotify alone and racking up 450 million Spotify plays due to his songwriting skills for multi-Platinum hit ‘Sex’, performed by Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam makes him quite the force. “Never Give Up” auscultates like a written need for constant encouragement from the one you love, a must listen!

Cimo states: “Little sounds” is what I wanted for this release. I wanted it to be an acoustic guitar based song… without the acoustic. For some stupid reason after I finished all the original recordings of ‘Never Give Up’, my computer crashed and I had to rebuild most of the song including the vocal takes. I’m happy it happened because I prefer this version over the original demo.”


Cimo Frankel sings:

Its no rocket science / girl you break the silence
Why don’t you try , is there too much in your mind to call the love of your life
and say.. that you never gave up, that you never gave up/ on me


Check out the official visual below as well.