Lorne – “Bread Alone (BOA Remix)”

UK based indie singer-songwriter and pianist Lorne teams up with Bristol-based collective BOA, to foster this beguiling remix to his debut single “Bread Alone.” The original piano laden ballad transforms into a brawny, climaxing tune layered with rising, buoyant production and enhanced by Lorne’s haunting tone. This record premiered on his debut EP Maze.

Lorne states,“After sharing my EP with the band, the drummer James suggested doing a remix of my debut single ‘Bread Alone’. I sent the stems to the keyboard player Joe, who produced the remix in a couple of weeks. It’s a clever arrangement and it’s exciting how BOA have managed to turn a reflective ballad into a catchy, upbeat electronic track. I run my project on my own, so it’s fun to collaborate with a band like BOA and access a new audience and genre with my music.

Lorne was classically trained on the piano from age seven, introduced to Peter Gabriel in his teens and notes the musician as a great influence on his music amid also being drawn to established songwriters, such as Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Coldplay, Danny Elfman, Elbow and Radiohead. His magnetism to melodic pop, ambient and rock is evident in his ideas. The training of Lorne’s musical soul rings ever so blatantly with his ear for arrangement, structure and major final products. Check out the “Bread Alone” remix and the original track below.