Megan Landry – “No Politics In Pangea”

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Megan Landry releases her new single “No Politics In Pangea” the last in a trilogy of socio-political pieces that will be on her upcoming album.

Landry states, ” This album won’t however be all politics, it’s just my opportunity to share my voice in what we (my generation) grapples with. The other two in the trilogy are “Screaming Sun” and “Questions on the Cliff.”

“No Politics In Pangea” laced with lyrical intricacies, obvious social commentary, complementary stacked harmonies and deliberate peaking production brings the message of this track to the forefront. A record of depth, controversial realizations, relapse and political injustices. Some modern artists douse their music in deadwood lyricism, auto-tune and overwhelming production to mask their talent deficit. Landry , however, presents lyricism, polished vocals, purpose and vision all into one crooning human; check out her latest melodic analysis below!

Landry sings:

Sacred the soil of riches and royalty under the sun.
Where the burden is boiling deep in the bible of every rival.
We will falter at the alter of the dollar offer honour to a scholar of a sum.



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