Documentary: Demi Lovato – ‘Simply Complicated’

We are ikonically late on reviewing Demi Lovato’s eye-opening documentary Simply Complicated but , nonetheless, I am going to discuss it anyway. We’ve watched this young star grow up literally in front of our eyes. The acting gem and obvious vocal powerhouse unveils quite the story from drugs, to depression, to eating disorders – she holds nothing back. 

I placed this article under the ‘Music Industry Education’ tab because there’s so much anyone who aspires to be in this business can learn from her documentary. The entertainment business is not for the meek and timid but for the intrepid and enduring. Lovato represents strength not only as a woman but as a public figure. As a budding 25 year old mogul she’s accosted her previous demons and copes with her daily ones’ acknowledging shortcomings, obsessions and goals.   

This gripping documentary oozes with her palpable, undeniable intimacy with music and how therapeutic it has been for her. She’s the walking definition of someone who creates music for the love, feeling and treatment it provides. Grab some popcorn, maybe a tissue or two, click the link below and delve into the story of the crooning sensation – Demi Lovato!