Put Yourself On!

This is the era of putting yourself on. You like music, you want to learn how to produce – put yourself on. You like to sing – put yourself on. You want to own a business – put yourself on. You want your own clothing line – put yourself on. It’s 2017 the only thing halting you from reaching your highest level of eminence is you!

People grouse about their current circumstances as if their aren’t a superfluity of resources out here. For example. I ,Miss Ikonic, knew I loved writing music and writing about music. I didn’t know how to make a website but I did my research, played around with some different site hosts and eventually constructed the blog you all are viewing today.

Put yourself on in every way possible; get in tune with your innate being. Spend an ample amount of time getting to know who you are and who you’d like to become. If your viewing this article obviously you love music to some degree or entirely – the music industry is for the relentless, vehement and insomnious. Whatever you want to learn – you can. If a company won’t put you on start your own, make yours better and they’ll regret not adding your skill-set to their team. If your passion isn’t in your current location – move. Opportunity is not going to come to your front door draped in high salaries, fancy cars and freedom – you have to go get it!

The time is now!