Ikonic Visual: Young M.A – “Walk”

Young M.A’s been quiet but we knew her reticence wouldn’t last forever. “Walk,” as promised, premiered today alongside the casual, lyrically focused visual. Refusing to fall into the category of “one-hit-wonder” she delivers yet again with this nonchalant yet responsive track; another way to address cynics and divulge her recent trials. It’s a glorious time to be a female in hip-hop! A true M.C like M.A reveals her promise and inevitable longevity in this industry through her penned declaration and tactically planned releases. Check out her latest single below!

Young M.A raps:

The streets like where you at told n****s I’m in route, I was working at the house, in the stu sleeping on the couch ,tryna figure out, what my next move is

Come move with the movement 

I see through you ole transparent n****s who you guys think you fooling 




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