Ikonic Visual: Cashflow Harlem – “Nobody” (Part 1)

Instagram sensation and witty MC Cashflow Harlem releases the official visual to his new single “Nobody.” If we’re talking story-tellers Cashflow’s definitely one of the best of our generation. He gifts us culture, humor and reality. “Nobody” reveals a tale of a deceitful and cunning woman that plays her male mistress off as the plumber when her real boyfriend arrives (comedian: Mr. Commodore).  The young Harlem MC spits some crazy wordplay through his subliminally laced verse; check it out below.

Cash Flow Harlem raps:

He said, “What’s the problem sir, what’s gonna be required first?”
I told him, “I gotta bang deep cuz she said that your pipe don’t work.”
But I took care of that sir, now look here everything’s fixed
He said, “Has there been anywhere flooding in here?”
I was looking like sh****t