Girl Blue Releases a Stirring Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

Girl Blue the pseudonym of singer, songwriter and producer Arielle O’Keefe. Born and raised in New York and Dallas on classical piano, choir music, hip hop and Ani Difranco, she developed a diverse sense for vocal arranging and storytelling through song. No stranger to original music success with her first single ‘Fire Under Water’ receiving over 2 millions plays. However, this time Blue covers Fleetwood Mac’s classic single “Dreams.”  

Directed by Chromoscope Pictures, the visuals portray a female character out in the woods at night singing incantations over a spell she’s casting. She explains “I think that visual really leans into the foreboding you’ll regret this side of the lyric, I wanted to channel Stevie and the spirit of the song a la ‘The Craft’ and the ‘The VVitch’’ it was really fun to do.”

The Stevie Nicks written cover oozes with fervor, Blue’s silky tone and peaking production. This track will please your ears and paint your soul with touching, heartfelt strokes, a must listen!