Kell$ – “Bigheaded”

North Carolina native MC Kell$ releases his new cocky single “Bigheaded.” As an artist you have to know that your the “one” before the world ever sees it coming. If we’re talking crazy word-play and you haven’t heard a Kell$ record your missing out on one of this generations most adroit lyricist. This smug but necessary record “Bigheaded” tells a tale of strife, short-comings and pain that thus inevitably led to his out-pour of written dopeness over fitting production. His unrelenting practice and know-how of music from the aspect of production to engineering further enhances his ability to make good music. Check out his latest single below.

Kell$ raps:

When you tired of a 9 to 5 you’ll do it at any cost

I was planning to be a boss back in ’08 bumping Ross

I was 16 with a big dream spitting 16’s on a big screen, yeah I gotta have it



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