John Adams – “For Me, For Her, For You”

British artist John Adams releases the fourth single from his impending album You Never Know Who’s Listening entitled “For Me, For Her, For You.” Adams, no neophyte to industry prosperity with his first single “Dandelion Wishes” receiving over 2 millions plays on Spotify, releases another ageless single. His latest record lyrically invaded by passionate and deliberate writing differentiates his style from other artists of this generation. An artists that’s not afraid to be lucid in his penned melodic tales.

Hailing from the valleys of South Wales, John has spent nearly all his adult life as a songwriter, playing gigs and busking up and down the country. In a leap of faith he quit his job as a Math teacher to perform full time. Earlier in his career John appeared on The X Factor singing “Cannonball” by Damien Rice. He reached the last 12 boys and was widely credited for getting “Cannonball” back into the charts. Music is a career of passion and an allegiance to all its’ roller-coaster of a ride to the final destination of success; check out his latest track below!