Ikonic Visual: NADINE – “Rise”

Switzerland native and UK based singer-songwriter NADINE releases the official visual for her vocally stunning and eerie new single “Rise.” Rise is the first single off her new EP set to release Nov 23. NADINE fits in the unique musical category of Cinematic-pop with her robust, climaxing production, Lorde reminiscent vocals and the abstract details of her penned expression. “Rise” listens with dark, uncanny like momentum drenched in deliberate lyricism. 


NADINE states, “We have struggled a lot with mental illness in my family and when faced with hardship I naturally started exploring the meaning of hope. I’m not interested in the sort of hope we sprinkle into well-meaning sentences like “crossing my fingers!” I’d much rather explore the more stubborn hope that’s tested when everything else breaks apart.” 

The Gareth Kay church shot visual juxtaposed with her wound-opening realizations give this record that classic feel, that cinematic tone. Check out her latest visual below; a must see.