DoDaD Releases Politically Necessary New Single “Dead President (Prod. M16)”

Massachusetts raised and Atlanta based MC DoDaD releases this politically charged and necessary lyrical commentary on his latest Nas and Jay Z reminiscent M16 produced single “Dead President.” This head-bobbing track boasting with blunt, undeniable truths and a fearlessness from the young star that we simply can’t deny makes this record timeless just like its’ predecessors. DoDaD penetrates our subconscious with his blatant penned discussion of the inadequacies of the current presidency and modern generation. If you miss real hip-hop its’ still here, take a listen below!

DoDaD raps:

I’m hesitant with this President, I ain’t gotta front

Cuz honestly I can give a f*** about Donald Trump

Another racist politician just placed in position

Distract us with killing while he make hateful decisions, I pray for our children, thank the lord for our freedom



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