Joyner Lucas Gives Us Both Sides of the Racial Scope in His “I’m Not Racist” Visual Release

Joyner Lucas, one of the most erudite and fearless artist of our generation releases his latest lyrical lashing this time on the topics of racism and the modern day state of black versus white culture.

With Trump as our president, racial perturbation has been at an all time high. Lucas utilizes this track to lyrically and visually reveal both sides of the racial scope of white and black prejudices, stigmas and stereotypes. The video displays a white man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a young black male hashing out their controversial views of each others culture. By the conclusion of the track a respect is earned and an understanding is established. “I’m Not Racist” should be rendered as a necessary record not only for hip-hop but for music in general with its’ riveting, candid and hot-blooded delivery this is a track of our current times but timeless nonetheless.

Joyner Lucas raps:

Talking bout’ slavery like you was around back then

Like you was picking cotton off the f***in ground back then / Like you was on the plantation getting down back then

Alright look, I see a black man aiming his gun, but I rather see a black man claiming his son

And I don’t mean just for one day and you done