Joyner Lucas – “Gucci Gang (Remix)”

We all know Joyner Lucas can murder a remix – he displayed that on his freestyle over Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” and now he’s here to cause a lyrical blood-bath over Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang.” With the recent release of his riveting and controversial track “I’m Not Racist” we didn’t think we’d hear a new track from Lucas so soon but he blessed us anyway. The ever popular single grows even more favored with Lucas’s crazy word-play and constant changing flows. An artist this well-versed and intrepid separates him from the masses but it would be nice to hear him with Futuristic on a track? Check out his “Gucci Gang (Remix)” below.

Joyner Lucas raps:

I am your favorite rappers worst fear (why) / Raised in the mud crying dirt tears

Just a bunch of kids in a highchair couldn’t get a buzz even if you had Lightyear

Wouldn’t get no love even if your hearts right here

N****s got guns so nobody wanna fight fair, no