Cardi B – “Bartier Cardi feat. 21 Savage”

The hardest working female rapper in the game – Cardi B – hands down!

Cardi B releases her latest hard-hitting, flow-switching new single “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage. When two of the music industry’s leading new-comers link up over this rising super-producer 30Roc and Cheeze original it makes it even more apparent that this generation truly represents merged talent. “Bartier Cardi” an upper-echelon, cocky lyrical rant from the top-charting superstar boasts with penned-growth. We know Cardi likes the finer things but appreciates all classes of life, for at this point, she’s experienced them all and who better to call on than 21 Savage to compliment such a record. She’s earned her bragging rights and she does so over this head-bobbing new track. Both artists have started and finished their year strong, check out their year-concluding single below. 

Cardi B raps:

Who got this mothaf***er started, Cardi

Who took your b**** at the party, Cardi / I took your b**** and departed, Cardi

Who that be fly as a Martian, Cardi / Who that on fleek in the cut, Cardi  


iTunes link:

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