Hopsin – “Simon Says Freestyle”

If your hungry for some authentic hip-hop cuisine let Hopsin feed you with his latest freestyle over Pharoahe Monch’s legendary “Simon Says” instrumental. When it comes to wicked MC’s of this generation Hopsin sits very close to the top with his witty punchlines and effortless delivery. Bars painlessly ooze from Hopsin which he displayed in his latest album No Shame and he continues the potent rant. Some people buy talents, some learn them and others are naturally born with it.  “Simon Says” is a strong way to end his 2017; we expect this same hunger in the new year!

Hopsin raps:

Yeah, niggas better lay low, I swear this ain’t no game bro
Asking for blessings won’t prevent you from being preyed on
See I ain’t underground or commercial, I’m in the grey zone
I had bars back when Verizon was making payphones
Niggas say that Hop fell off, I’m yelling “How, stupid?”

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