Young XAV Releases His Crazy Dope Debut EP – “Beside the Dying Fire”

It’s a rarity that I get this thrilled about a new artist but Young XAV’s music feeds my inner musical conscience. His debut EP Beside the Dying Fire inspired by the first half of the poem “Fire & Ice” by Robert Frost. In the poem, the narrator is questioning the fate of the world and when it comes to the conclusion that it would end in fire; it’s this concept that leads the way into the intro track. Beside the Dying Fire further enhance by features from artists like Gizelle, Ryen and Miliani Vargas to name a few makes this a must add to your playlist. 

A project this full and potent typically takes years and multiple attempts but Young XAV’s only been working on this body of work for a year. It reeks with intensity, diary-like reflections, love, cognizance and hearty, fitting production. More than an MC, XAV represents musical creation, inception and expansion. Check out his latest compilation of lyrical lashing below.

Young XAV breaks down each track below:

Track 01: Beside The Dying Fire

Fire is a metaphor for traits like love & desire. The concept for the EP is what the “fire” meant to me in this chapter of my life & putting it to a close; this the “dying of the fire”. This intro is a summary of that concept.

Track 02: The Villain

The concept for this song is very self-loathing. It’s about that line between right & wrong. Often, I find myself caught in an inner conflict about who I want to be & who I should be. Unfortunately, the “bad guy” & selfishness tends to come easiest.

Track 03: Working

This song, without a doubt, is the “team” song off the EP. it’s about the come up & doing whatever it takes to make it. All while staying true to those that you came up with. Which is why I chose to feature two of my close friends: Ryen & Alo.

Track 04: I Swear

If the EP was split between Xavier songs & YOUNG XAV songs: this would easily be a YOUNG XAV song. Hip-Hop has always been about flexing & talking shit. So it was a lot of fun to jump on a track & so just that.

Track 05: Meant to Be

In short, the song is about love. How two people could want to be together but for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out. The title “Meant to Be” is a question: which relationships were worth fighting for & which weren’t? That whole idea of “what if”.

Track 06: Greencastle

The last song is the heart of the EP. I touch on a past relationship & the guilt I once carried because of it. After that, there was a lot of questioning about who I am as a person & who I want to be. It’s easily the most vulnerable record on the project.

Young XAV raps “I Swear:”

I swear I was born to do this, I swear I was born to finesse

Push limits when put to the test, nothing else matters you swear I’m obsessed 

This life is not what it seems, I swear it is not what it seems

These demons they plot and they scheme, get the f*** off, can’t f*** with my dreams