Greg Whiskey Releases his Immortal New Single “Funeral” feat. Ashilee Ashilee

It’s an arduous task to wrap ones mind around this level of talent. Greg Whiskey, last featured for his ageless single “Musical Soul” returns with another immortal track entitled “Funeral” featuring Ashilee Ashilee who not only featured but produced, recorded and mixed the track as well. When welding Whiskey’s undeniably wicked pen game with Ashilee’s all around musical acumen it sounds as legendary as this single right here. After shooting the visual just yesterday, today he releases the audio on all digital music platforms. 

Death like life is inevitable but your perception of its’ reality shapes your human existence.

Whiskey croons, “If I die tomorrow and I f*** witchu, act a fool at my funeral.”

Bearing it all on this track it hearkens with diary-like admittance of human faults, accolades and acceptance of the world beyond us singing, “It’s just a funeral, I’ll… see you again in the future though.” Life and death are both celebrations according to Whiskey. Take a listen below to this astounding, soul-chilling, vivid single perfectly cradled by dark, climatic, piano led production – simply superlative!

“Funeral” links:  Spotify , Tidal and iTunes

Greg Whiskey raps:

Wipe your eyes, a party should be happening 

Pour your liquor, roll some reefer, drink some Actitvist 

Put my coffin in the middle of the room

So I can turn up with yaw before I go to the moon