Cherae Leri Releases Debut EP ‘Conscience’

We’ve waited patiently and she’s delivered! Cherae Leri releases her debut EP Conscience laced with six tracks, features from Chino McGregor and Choppa Zoe amid engineering from Randy Lanphear, Ashilee Ashilee, co-writing from Jia “Miss Ikonic” McMillan and production from The Giants, Mello the Producer and ChrizBeatz. When you fuse all those talents into one artist the sound is colossal. Her distinct sultry vocals and fearless approach to music separate her from the masses. Leri,bold by nature does not play coy musically. Having garnered much success with records like “I,” “Why” and her “Come and See Me Remix,” the appetite for a full length project was brewing.

Conscience is a body of work that represents a foolproof sequence of truths, business, reflection, love, confidence and fun. This project didn’t happen overnight and it listens like effort was put into its’ most intricate details from production, to the raw lyricism; it’s a necessary compilation for the times to stand in and out of time. Take a listen below.


Cherae Leri sings “Conscience:”

Let’s keep it fun / Live for now

We can’t avoid the inevitable

We’re young and we’re gorgeous

Grind until we make the Forbes list

Cuz I be peeping the candy around me

No I’m not Toni just let me breathe

Conscience links iTunes, Tidal and Spotify. (Available on all music distribution sites)

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