Donna Missal Releases Seductive New Single “Thrills”

A vocal powerhouse possesses the innate ability to send chills up your spine, your emotions to the forefront and your ears into a climatic frenzy.

If you enjoy singers who can really ‘sang’ allow Donna Missal to be your new muse in her latest single “Thrills,” a seductive track of acceptance of natural sexuality and the effects of her compelling love. Vocally this record displays Missal’s range and lyrically she reveals her boldness, knack for empowerment and willingness to be limpid in her music. Listening to her sound allows you to delve into her soul, she’s not reticent in her music but indeed forthcoming. “Thrills” doesn’t represent a time period but a moment in time, one that she obviously wants to live over and over; check it out below.

Donna Missal reflects, “Thrills’ is about feeling powerful within your sexuality. It’s a proclamation of confidence, celebrating self-worth. I hope to convey that in my music – that what makes you sexy is entirely up to you and you deserve confidence. It all comes from knowing yourself inside out. I’m learning about myself all the time and my music is meant to tell that story.”


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