Morgan Wallen – “Happy Hour”

Country music – the most timeless musical genre there is, tells some of the most vivid written tales.

Morgan Wallen releases his latest single “Happy Hour,” a perfect melodic medley of post-break up to-do lists and overcoming a hindering relationship. Your significant other should love most things about you but relationships aren’t just the melding of emotions but backgrounds, social status and upbringing.

Wallen realized that break-up’s can be fun during happy-hour!

Lyrically this is the type of track that you can close your eyes, bob your head and imagine living your best life post relationship termination. Every lesson in life even when it appears to be sorrow-filed can indeed be the slamming of one door just for the gates of glee to open up for you. Wallen, an obvious optimistic, gives all heartbroken saps a quick “how to” on how to move on; check it out below.

Morgan Wallen sings:

Looking back I see a million little things that wrecked us
She never liked my pick up truck parked up beside her Lexus
And I never wore them khaki’s like she asked me
Just trashy old blue jeans, old skoal ring
She packed up her Chanel, said ‘go to hell’, taught me a lesson
And now as far as she’s concerned I’m in a deep and dark depression