Ikonic Visual: Bobby Sessions Accosts Slavery and Injustice in Latest Visual “Like Me”

Def Jams intrepid rising star Bobby Sessions releases one of the most controversial visuals of 2018 thus far. It’s no easy watch but this type of lyrical and optic commentary is necessary for our modern times. The Jeremy Biggers directed visual kicks off with Sessions fixed under a tree with a noose around his neck and as it proceeds it leads to his obvious fury with slavery, segregation and injustice. We, as African American’s have a right to be enraged by the injustices we’ve endured then and unfortunately now as well.

Sessions, dedicated this record to his cousin James Harper who was killed by law enforcement back in 2012. This movement is paramount to him, as it should be, and what better mass-medium to spread his message than music in conjunction with one hell of a visual. An artist of this level of brilliance and lyrical capacity makes him a crucial creative for the times. Music with purpose represents immortality. This song will live on forever but hopefully it’s message through the years will become archaic instead of current, check it out below. 

“The yelling represents the bottled up rage that many black people across the world feel every single day; being targeted and discriminated against because of skin color,” he recently told NPR. “We fear being judged by society for expressing our real emotions about what’s going on. We have the right to be upset about black people getting murdered without the murderer suffering any consequences.”