Typical DiV – “Be Specific” (Prod. Tone Legend)

Hip-hop is that you, blaring from Typical DiV, doused in lyrical potency as strong as a Wiz Khalifa blunt with head-bobbing production and a crisp clear delivery not mere substance-less, auto-tune drenched vocals?

California native MC Typical DiV gifts us a new Tone Legend produced and Ashilee Ashilee engineered single entitled “Be Specific,” with his natural flow and years of experience it’s no surprise that he would drop a track with this type of effortless vibe. Remaining lyrical , as always, “Be Specific” tells a penned account of DiV’s journey to his artistry, vices, growth, cocky undertones and living the life of rapper. Rather you’re getting ready for work or ready to hit the town this track will match your vibe. To hone any creative entity it takes time, to be a musician it takes an abundance of patience and love for one of the world’s most timeless art forms. DiVs taken the time and the outcomes sounds well worth it, check out his latest single available on all music distribution sites. 

Typical DiV raps:

…That if you say it out loud you gotta do it

If you f*** around and find yourself a crowd you gotta move it

Not only just for yourself but everybody who knew you and who loved you back when wealth was a fairytale for amusement