Ikonic Lists: Artists Miss Ikonic Would Love to Hear On A Song Together

If I had magic music collaboration powers like DJ Khaled (and someday I will) I would love to see these artists on songs together. Check out my list below!

  1. Jorja Smith and Mahalia : both artists have phenomenal voices with a peculiar delivery and a true flair for musical expression.
  2. Leikeli 47, Lady Leshurr and Maliibu Miitch : it’s a great time to be a female in hip-hop and each one of these artists brings something unique to hip-hop from their execution to their content to their fusion of genres, the three of them on one track would be simply ikonic!
  3. Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma : simply put these are the top three mainstream female MC’s out right now and that amount of female power and wordplay on one track would knock the industry on its’ head.
  4. Logic and Joyner Lucas : Outside of Tech N9ne’s – Sriracha we haven’t heard them on a track together again, amid their differences these are two of the most lyrically profound rappers of our generation and they would truly compliment each other on a track, matter fact a whole project would be nice, bringing controversy, bars and dope visuals. 
  5. Devvon Terrell and Eric Bellinger : both artists are incredible vocalists and lyricists – this amount of written vigor on one record would be truly something for the books.
  6. Futuristic, Sexton and Greg Whiskey: just writing about this one has my blood pumping. If these three teamed up on a track it would be melodic as it is lyrically heavy and if you throw in an Ashilee Ashilee production there’s no telling. 
  7. Stunna2Fly and 6ix9ine : with each artist having street life in the forefront and an amazing cadence; the two of them together would make one top-charting anthem for the ‘hood and beyond. 
  8. Sabrina Claudio and Syd : simply put this would be one hell of a vibe, period!
  9. Yasmeen and Katt : melodies and wordplay from two audacious female entities, this would sound crazy!
  10. Mani Marino and Siya : both artists have a chill demeanor with a lyrical confidence, this track would have bounce, substance and allure. 

Every time I get the urge I’ll make another hopeful collaboration list, let me know your thoughts and please listen to music from all of those listed!