PRETTYMUCH Release Their Yummy Debut EP ‘Prettymuch an EP’

The perfection of butter melting on a hot pancake with syrup pouring off the side, the first bite as good as it looks – a PRETTYMUCH listening experience is something like that, their music the pancake, their execution the butter and their vocals and looks the syrup – so in essence you simply can’t ignore their classic taste. With Tony the Tiger starring in their latest visual “Hello” and their obvious physical allure it’s no way this group of collectives won’t be on your “next up” list.

Prettymuch an EP laced with four records that hearken like an emotional rollercoaster of the love struck, slightly obsessed and obviously forthcoming creative. Each track oozes with pulsating production, relevant lyricism and distinct vocal qualities from each artist. I miss this feeling in music, the boy-group feel, that good harmony feel and the feeling that people still make music for the love and not the clout. Check out their debut EP available on all music distribution sites